Independent case study by Karin Raffa Goldman.

The Harmonic Healing Egg is a special chamber that uses sound and light vibrations to help heal your mind, emotions, body, energy, and spirit. Our approach is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical—utilising only natural resources accessible to all. Join us on this journey to holistic harmony!

The Challenge: Overcoming emotional struggles and suicidal thoughts

Fabiano faced a lot of emotional struggles in his life. It started when he was a kid, dealing with a strict dad and losing his mom when he was just 11. His internal struggle weighed him down, filling his mind with negative thoughts and convincing him that everyone was against him. It even led to contemplating suicide when things got tough and hiding his true self out of fear people might profoundly dislike him.

“I never felt comfortable among people. I’m a shy person, but when I used to go out, I had arguments and these fantasies in my head that everybody was against me.” 

The Solution: Advanced Revolutionary Health Therapy

In the Harmonic Healing Egg, Fabiano found the change he sought. After just one session, he felt something was different, and four months later, he noticed a significant change in how he saw things. Thoughts of hurting himself and not liking who he was started to disappear, and he began to feel more amazed, joyful and happy with each new session.

As Fabiano keeps attending the session each month, the change isn’t just about feeling better emotionally. The Harmonic Healing Egg has become a good friend, helping him discover who he really is. Feeling like he didn’t fit in before is now replaced by feeling at ease with being unique.

The Harmonic Healing Egg does more than just make him happy; it also helps him feel more confident around other people and changes how he looks at friendships. He no longer needs external validation; he finds happiness and contentment in genuine, honest human connections.

“After four months, I started to feel different. I’m still doing a session a  Month, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m ever going to stop. It’s just amazing, and it only gets better.” 

The Results: A transformation to a happier, healthier, more joyful person

Fabiano’s journey with the Harmonic Healing Egg still amazes him. He used to rely heavily on alcohol to handle life’s challenges, but now he’s changed. While he occasionally shares a glass of wine with friends in a social setting, it’s no longer a coping mechanism but aligning with his new self. He also makes healthier food choices, avoiding things with faces or hearts, and his newfound empathy brings him joy and happiness. This change isn’t just about him; it positively impacts his relationship with his partner, creating a peaceful atmosphere without arguments.

I’m happy and very different. If it wasn’t for the Harmonic Healing Egg, I guess I  wouldn’t be here. It’s unbelievable.”

Fabiano’s transformation becomes evident as he attends more sessions. He’s letting go of self-blame and becoming kinder to himself. The Harmonic Healing Egg is changing how he sees people and relationships, making him more patient and open to understanding others. These significant improvements go beyond just his personal life; in social situations, he doesn’t need to buy others’ affection or do what society expects. Fabiano’s transformation highlights how much you can grow personally and be holistically well with the Harmonic Healing Egg.

 “If you want to change your life, just go and have a session because it’s amazing. It changed my life completely.”