Harmonic Egg

Energy therapy from the Harmonic Egg

Energy therapies have been used since ancient times. These methods of treating afflictions of the body and spirit are part of Asian healing practices like acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong. All operate based upon the theory that illness is the result of blockages or imbalances in the body’s life energy. These healing techniques work to unblock or rebalance that life energy.

The Harmonic Egg is a sound and light therapy that operates under similar principals. Using frequencies and vibration emanating from music and light within a resonant chamber, the Harmonic Egg guides a person to a state of supreme relaxation. Some have likened this to achieving “shavasana” in yoga.

Reclining in a zero-gravity chair within the chamber, a person is enveloped in highly-resonant music and coloured light. Both light and sound can be customised based upon the type of healing that the client desires to achieve. Using a technology like the Harmonic Egg allows the client to receive a session that is consistent with each visit and which is not dependent upon the emotional or physical strength of the provider or the client.

Energy Therapy
Harmonic Egg

After Your Session:

Drink plenty of water to flush and help with detoxing and resetting the body. People that have not done this have not integrated as well as others.

  • Be gentle with yourself for at least 48 hours. The best you can.
  • Eat a good diet for a few days…lighter portions and more fruits and veggies…avoid heavy meals and cream sauces, fried foods and too much refined sugar.
  • If you purchased the music, listen to one track per day and follow the same steps you did for your session.
  • We have electrolytes available for purchase as well. Electrolytes are a key supplement for the integration of sessions. Healing sessions help the body detox emotionally, environmentally and more. Electrolytes support the detoxing process; therefore, they are depleted when the body is healing and need to be replenished. This is strongly recommended.