The Harmonic Egg is new to the UK from USA.

It's a sound and light frequency chamber that envelops the body once you are immersed inside to create an environment that allows the body to heal from many ailments.

When you are comfortably reclined on a zero gravity chair light frequency, vibration and sound create a blend of energy to stimulate one's autonomic system to reorganise and promote homeostasis (balance) back into the body.

Additionally, the Harmonic Egg allows for a subtle energy shift as you are induced to a deep state of relaxation.

Scientific contributions from neuroscience, molecular biology, and physics are now actively supporting energy or "frequency medicine" as it is referred to, as a legitimate alternative to heal the body. This treatment is risk free, repeatable and has no side effects compared to pharmaceutical agents. This "frequency medicine", has the potential to change the trajectory of medical care in the future !

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